Not Available at Amazon

Have you ever went to google and searched for "Careprost Amazon" only to find links to broken pages and shattered hopes? There's a name for this phenomenon my friends, and it's called SOL (s#*t out of luck).

Beware of Counterfeits 

You see, once in a while, if you're very lucky, you'll be able to buy Careprost on Amazon. But these opportunities are very rare and risky. I like to refer to these listings as pop-up shops. They will sprout out of nowhere, make a few bucks and then disappear into the void.

Having bought from some of these people I can say that it's a double edged sword. Here's what I mean; lets say you bought your shiny new bottle and you're super excited to get it in a few days (instead of waiting for 2-3 weeks from those overseas vendors) and get your lashes growing like a chia pet on crack. Sometimes you may get exactly what you wanted and everything turns out perfect. Sometimes, you get stuck with a lemon. A dud. A fake. What's a girl to do now? Return the product? Sure, if you can find the vendor that sold it to you, which is surprisingly hard to do once they take their listing down. Calling Amazon directly sometimes resolves the issue but if you get screwed more than once, it gets much harder to get a return from Amazon. 

Now I'm not saying all the people that sell on Amazon are scammers and cheaters. The majority of them will usually work with you if you think you received a dud. 

Just remember that Careprost is a powerful serum so it's best to order from trusted sources only.

This is a public service announcement to let all of our followers know the dangers of ordering from strangers online.