does vaseline grow eyelashes?

Long hair, long nails, long eyelashes--there are many quick fixes, pills and natural products to help obtain 'length', and a lot of them promise to do it over night. Accompanying these remedies are also a plethora of myths. A common one that continues without clarity is eyelash growth. Blogs and beauty gurus promise that petroleum jelly, also known as Vaseline, assist in growing longer and fuller lashes. Unfortunately, there are some busts with these beauty secrets. 

Vaseline has many benefits, such as eradicating diaper rashes, preventing windburn and even operating as a moisturizer. However, the most common myth is that it assists in eyelash growth. Applying Vaseline to your eyelashes every night doesn't facilitate growth, it only makes them shiner and glossier. That is an easy trick to make them appear fuller. Is it harmful? No. According to Vaseline's website there contains a layer of moisture inside the eye that prevents the jelly from dissolving. Vaseline is made of natural waxes and mineral oil, and it is also lipophilic, which simply means it will dissolve as fats and oils. 
As great as Vaseline is, it is a jelly that clogs pores and sits on top of the skin. There are no ingredients in petroleum that promote growth, and nothing grows when clogged. Like a lot of things there are no absolute quick fixes, especially when it comes to our hair follicles. Anything that has to grow is a gradual process, and with patience and the proper technique, growth is possible.  Stay tuned for our next blog post where we will discuss what those techniques are and how to properly incorporate them into your lifestyle.