The Right Way to Care for Eyelash Extensions

The Right Way to Care for Eyelash Extensions

If you're thinking of getting eyelash extensions there are a few things you need to take into consideration before getting them applied. With extensions, they are applied one at a time using a professional adhesive glue, unlike the eyelashes that come in a strip. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before and after application.


Before walking into any salon make sure you do your research on where to go. Be sure that it is a licensed aesthetician or cosmetologist, and if need be, request a consultation.

This is where you can ask the type of lashes that are being used and the glue they work with. It is important you know what you're paying for because eyelash extensions can get pretty expensive. When price matching, it is imperative you read reviews and look at the artist's work. Sometimes they increase the prices when their work doesn't match the charge, so do your research and investigate.

Like our bodies, it's important you wash your extensions daily. Debris, makeup residue and dust can build on them so be sure to keep them cleansed. But only begin washing them after 24-48 hours since it takes this long for the glue to completely set in.

It is important that after three weeks or so that you get your eyelashes touched up. Hair sheds and your lashes can fall out from weakened glue, so keep them refreshed.

Do trim them so they don't fly off. Too many times people have eyelashes and they don't shape them to fit their face. You want to be sure that you keep your eyelashes looking fresh and natural so keep them up. There is no one size fits all, they come in many different lengths, curls and diameters to fit your natural eye shape. Just remember that every person's lashes will be different.

Mascara isn't needed since you already have on extensions. However, If you still choose to wear mascara you want to steer clear of the adhesive so make sure it is not water based and to only apply it to the tip of your lashes.

Keep them brushed, for this keeps them refreshed and prevents clumping. After your visit with the esthetician, a small eyelash brush should be provided. This keeps them tidy, and not much has to be done if they are done properly. Light strokes is all it takes to prevent them from looking messy.


Pull, tug or rub your eyes since this can pull out eyelashes. Doing this can also damage your real eyelashes, if need be, have them professionally removed.

When you're in the shower be careful not to get oil, shampoo or conditioner on them as this can weaken the adhesive.When you're in the shower tilt your head back allowing the water to run down your head rather than your face.

Don't forget about the health of your own eyelashes. Use an eyelash conditioner or growth serum to keep your real eyelashes refreshed and healthy. Doing this also helps your lashes to stay within the hair follicle longer and provides as extra support for your falsies.

Don't put glue directly on your eyes as this can get directly in your eye and cause infection.

Don't ever try to perm or curl your lashes, this can ruin the bonding, shape and curl. Remember that extensions already come with a curl.

Don't aggressively rub your eyes when removing makeup. Be careful as you can inadvertently pull out your natural lash and extensions.

There you have it! Don't forget out of all the do's and dont's to have fun with your lashes. Flaunt, bat and show them off. When applied and cared for properly falsies are fun and flirty to play with. They bring out your natural eye shape and can completely change your face.



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