Natural Eyelash Growth

It's no secret that eyelash treatments can add up pretty quickly. Not only do you have to pay with your hard earned dollars, you also have to book the appointment, travel to the salon, get your lashes glued on (while damaging your real lashes), and all the time that's wasted in the entire process!

Careprost makes it much cheaper, easier, and saves a ton of TIME. You'll grow your lashes while you sleep

Here are 5 reasons why so many women have switched to Careprost: 

  1. No more mascara. With naturally long lashes, mascara is OPTIONAL, and some ladies have decided to opt-out.
  2. Longer & more dense lashes. These aren't the same as lash extensions. These are your natural hair follicles, which means you don't have to worry about them falling out. 
  3. Works in 30 days. While it may not give you the long lashes as quickly as an appointment to a lash technician can, it'll last much longer once you start.

Would you rather get your lashes done every month, only to have your real lashes damaged afterwords, or would you prefer to grow your real lashes while you sleep?