The difference between real lashes and fake ones has been argued to death over the years. Like many women can attest to, fake lashes look amazing but they are such a pain to put on. Besides, who wants to fiddle around with sticky glue on your fingers and eyes?

Even Hollywood's A-list celebs are notorious for using falsies. Every makeup artist will tell you how longer lashes will accentuate your eyes and really bring forth subtle but significant improvement to your overall look. Lets take a look at what Hollywood's elite look like without their makeup and fake lashes.

Katy Perry - This image was posted by her ex husband Russell Brand, it quickly went viral and led to one angry California Gurl.



Jennifer Lawrence - Another example of how the Hunger Games star can go from red carpet bombshell to another plane Jane. It's the little things that make all the difference.

Kim Kardashian - The selfie queen almost looks unrecognizable here! It's amazing what a little bit of makeup can do.


 There are many reports of women getting eye infections caused by the glue used to apply false eyelashes. Another cause of eye irritation are the solvents used to remove the lashes. Be careful ladies, and if you must use false lashes, do your research and make sure the ingredients in the glue is safe to use.