Our eyes are the most fragile parts of our bodies and it's important we practice patience, especially when desiring fuller and thicker eyelashes. In our previous post we discussed a common myth in eyelash growth. Now, we can examine what actually works.

Heavy eye makeup can be very harsh to our eyes and extremely challenging to wipe off, especially if it is water resistant. One important thing to remember is to not rub too hard when removing your eye makeup since this can rip out your eyelashes. Mascaras especially can be very challenging to wipe off so it is important you use cotton balls, makeup remover or wipes since our eyelashes are so delicate. If you are a fan of wearing false eyelashes beware that this too can pull out eyelashes. Make sure that you have them removed by a professional to avoid any extreme damage.
Brushing or massaging your eye lashes can also stimulate growth to your hair follicles. Just like the hair on your head, your eyelashes can break off or become brittle. Heavy usage of mascara can dry our lashes out, so to keep that from happening you can add Vitamin E and or Olive Oil to your regimen-both keep them soft and even prevent shedding.
There are also a plethora of lash accelerators and herbal supplements that boost the growth process. Just remember, whatever you choose know that nothing happens overnight. To reiterate what was said in the last post: there are no quick fixes, if there is it probably produces zero results.
As banal as some of the above techniques might seem these gentle methods can stimulate growth and simultaneously protect the eyelashes you already have.If practiced routinely, you will notice a gradual change.
Unfortunately, not everyone will experience the same amount of growth using the techniques above. To guarantee yourself eyelashes that are visibly longer and thicker, we have to look at some stronger medicines, such as Careprost. To fully understand the strength of these medicines, consider this: Jolene Breeden, a breast cancer patient who lost most of her eyelashes due to radiation therapy, was able to regrow her eyelashes just from using Careprost for 4-6 weeks. Jolene is not alone when it comes to this kind of scenario. We get so many emails thanking us for giving these women a little bit of their former selves back to them. If castor oil, vaseline, and all the other natural remedies just don't work for you, give Careprost a try.